Serverless – Backend – Team lead

The hardest and most interesting tasks we face today are architectural.

Running almost 100% on an event driven architecture, using Node.js, Lambda, SQS, DynamoDB, AppSync and various other AWS services, coming up with a scalable infrastructure is relatively easy. The hard part is to design components that allow for change without incurring immense technical debt and or requiring a lot of manual work. We see engineering as a craft and take great pride in deeply understanding the problem and the technologies we want to use before integrating them. Not to say that there are no deadlines and features that have to go out asap, but we proactively block 20% of every sprint for improvements on the codebase.

All our backend code is maintained in a monorepository making the definition of interfaces between microservice stacks as effortless as possible. Here, standards, structure and automation are key and we use every tool in the book to enable the most efficient workflow. Prettier automatically formats our code, Typescript makes sure to catch straightforward type errors, babel, webpack and the serverless framework are used for bundling. All our infrastructure is automatically deployed using GitLab CI/CD pipelines after running through our extensive test suites. That includes integration as well as unit tests for both, the front- and backend. Every feature branch is automatically published under their own unique url to make the review process as streamlined as possible. On the frontend, every react component is viewable and testable in isolation using react-styleguidist. To develop new features we use our style guide to guarantee a consistent customer experience and rapid development.


Job requirements

  • You were already a developer when Germany became world champion in soccer (6+ years)
  • You have high standards and also request this from your co-workers
  • Interest or experience with a “serverless” infrastructure
  • Extensive experience with Javascript and Typescript
  • Experience with the AWS platform, CloudFormation is your friend
  • Strong motivation to create loved products with an eye for detail
  • Some experience with React.js or some other frontend framework
  • You can be trusted to take over the ownership of the backend
  • Experience or interest in GraphQL
  • Fluent in English

In a small startup like ours every person is highly valued, both personal and professional. You will be able, even expected, to challenge existing processes and improve our infrastructure, both in the office and in code. On top of that you can enjoy our fantastic sarcasm. We really have _ze best_ sarcasm. ( And make the same joke twice! )

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